Wednesday, 9 September 2009


This is going to be short lived blog. More of a daily reportage of my trip back to Malaysia with a bit of China thrown in. It’s worth pointing out that this is also my first holiday in about three and a half years, it’s difficult to get time off when one’s a shopkeeper. I’m in the essence a Londoner and by birth, Malaysian; but they’re neither homes to me. I’m at this point in life (in fact for the last thirty years as well) clueless about where and what home really is, I have dreams about obscure places like Bolivia or Mongolia being able to provide the spirituality I identify the term home with. Best thing is to stay fit and save as much as I can so that my passage to either La Paz or Ulan Bator can be realised.

The trip back to Malaysia is primarily down to two things; my family (I have loads!) and the food (doubly loads!). Hope you enjoy the documenting from this part of the world.

One of my numerous cousins.

Malaysia is home to satay.
Unfortunately the above is not indicative.


peng said...

she is your niece, fyi

porkknuckle said...

Peng- Chinese yes, but as for the rest of the world it's technically still cousin.

qinzir said...

oh, ok, didnt know that!:o