Thursday, 24 September 2009


Day of indolence and not much else.

Curry Mee
Or laksa or maybe not. I think the idea was to create first and foremost a chicken curry and then with a carb choice of either rice, noodles or bread to suit one's whim. Curry Mee is more watery and generous on the chicken pieces whereas the denser laksa is concocted primarily as a noodle soup dish.

Tiffin dinner...

...of fried chicken, sambal ikan bilis (anchovies), fried tofu and beans and mercilessly overcooked beansprouts. Sook Yian prepared a meaningful salad to offset the discrepancy. I gladly accept that I'm fastidious.

Mum's living room, the din courtesy of the kids is part and parcel.

Night time reading for most kids but Godzilla art for Nic.

They knew I was working there and chose to disregard as such by forcibly emptying the bin of toys to declare their intentions instead.
Ryan and Ethan- thank you(s) very much!

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