Friday, 18 September 2009


The huge bowl is also home to a large amount of tiny guppies.
They reduce the amount of mosquitoes by eating the eggs and larvae.
I'm never comfy in tropical gardens as I keep imagining a snake is going to appear from anywhere.

Been handed the unenviable task of child-minding.
The kids are actually fine until their parents turn up, then all hell breaks loose!

Getting the boys to clear the mess up is psychologically painful.

Nic's creative efforts are constructed to be obliterated by none other than...

...his dear brother, Ethan.
He's crying because he fell on his face whilst on strict instructions not to; clambering a table!

Lunch with Mum at another tumbleweed alley of a place.

Prawn Mee (noodles).
This is another well known local dish where the intense stock is made with prawns and chilli spices. Additional trimmings include slices of pork, chicken, boiled eggs, morning glory, beansprouts and too many shrimps. Delicious and a no brainer 90p for the bowl.

Ice Kacang or ABC
This must be the country's most popular dessert, basically shaved ice with red beans plus tons of other ingredients like green grass jelly, sweetcorn, condensed milk, rose syrup, etc.

Uncle 1's house, shot from Grandmother's Long House.

Cousin Pei Yi
Kids in the household are expected to read and speak Mandarin, English and Malay plus the main dialect of Hokkien (not a terribly eloquent lingo I might add) which my Grandmother can only converse in.

Eggs with preserved vegetable.

Uncles and Aunties gathering.
The once a week dinner where everbody gets together is mandatory.

Tonight's meal revolves around the Hokkien dish of Hong Bak.
Belly of pork and trotters braised in both light and dark soy with star anise as the main spice. And yes every morsel of the pig was indeed melting.

Cousins Piers and Donny.
These guys like my brother Adrian, are a generation after me; they're all impossibly lanky and that includes the girls!

Ah Teen, she's a heroine.
Another supermaid, she heads five others in The Long House. She's Indonesian and her fiance is Burmese (the latter being Buddhist has to convert to Islam once they tie the knot).

I'm off to Singapore tomorrow.


thora said...

Have a good trip tomorrow and thanks again for the wonderful pics of your family.
LOL at Ethan and Nic :-))
Nowadays I don't much mind babysitting as long as I know I'll "get rid off them" soon.

porkknuckle said...

thora- ;)
As for looking after kids, it helps if we remind ourselves that we were once like them as well.

meemalee said...

A Burmese person giving up pork?

He must really love her :)

The Shed said...

That pork dish sounds amazing! Mmmm.

porkknuckle said...

mee- Love can be so conclusive. If I ever acquire a partner; she has to be an omnivore and atheist (best lay the cards straight methinks!).

The Shed- It was but massively unctuous!