Thursday, 17 September 2009


My Mum's Mum.
She's the matriarch of the family, although frail at 98 her mind is astonishingly sound.
I'm one of her 100+ grand and great grand children!

Little sis looking up to big sis.

Breakfast at roadside stall.
This is a workman's caff, no Prada wielding yummy mummy would be seen dead here!

Iced tea and coffee, the temperature at 9.30AM was 28C

Dim Sum as it should be eaten in the morning

All rather crude and disparate to what we're used to in London

Most folks just have a couple of these steamed meat buns and a pot of tea before setting off to work.

Lor Mai Kai
Normally steamed and wrapped with lotus leaf, this meaty glutinous rice dish was served simply as above. Nothing special.

I have seen bicycles vandalised and parts nicked in London but not yet scooters.

If you think the British Library is ugly, well the KL equivalent is sadder.
My brother Adrian calls it the reptile house.

Mr See Kee
His curry puffs are 2 die 4. He has been making them since 1960 and selling them from his tiny stall. Incredibly he still rememebers me!

I need to try out a couple of outlets in Singapore before I decide to call these the best curry puffs ever. 30p each.

In Malaysia we don't have to sneak out for a cheeky fag. Coffee needs nicotine and fags need caffeine. Disgusting and selfish but undeniably elating.

Dinner at Kim Gary, a chain with a vague concept based on Hong Kong food.
The large number of different menus was bordering on silly!

Their signature dish of Hong Kong style baked rice with cheese!

This is mine with pork chop. It was atrociously awful. This might go down well in Switzerland where they have everything with cheese but there was no way I fell for the gimmick.

My brother loved this and so did the rest of diners. The queue outside the restaurant was unbelievable. I think that the younger people like my brother and his wife welcome this fusion twist as a change from the norm.

Ethan doing the Jackrabbit Slim's Twist before beddy time.


meemalee said...

Yes to curry puff.

No to cheesey rice.

Your grandmother looks very elegant and beautiful.

meemalee said...

Is it "cheesey" or "cheesy"? It's late and I'm confused.

porkknuckle said...

Cheddary! My Gran also has some working molars as well, lack of a sweet tooth and a non smoker I'm told. ;(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping up the blog whilst away- it is always such a great read.

porkknuckle said...

Anon- Thank you and you're welcome.