Sunday, 13 September 2009


At least Kuala Lumpur has the Petronas Twin Towers it can identify with.
My Mum calls them the Corn on the Cob twins.

Jalan Imbi Market

Nasi Lemak woman.
See her apron. One of the undesirable legacies the Japanese left the rest of the East with other than itself; Ajinomoto or monosodium glutamate.


Dunking toasted rolls filled with kaya (coconut jam).

Porridge (hate that word congee) with fried pig intestines.

Salted Fish

Malaysian bananas are vastly sweeter than the Caribbean ones that we get in Blighty.

The abundance of lowrise shop/flats make up Kuala Lumpur but you won't see them featured by the Malaysian Tourism Board.

My nephew Nic.
Like his father and myself he'll probably end up studying architecture.

Cousin Gwen.

Japanese dinner at Rakuzen

Unagi Set

Chirashi Set

We simply cannot get away from noodles!


Dad said...

Wow, hope my ignorance doesn't come shining through here but the mere mention of the word "unagi" has me drooling for possibly one of my favourite dishes of all time, 'unagi don' (which I think means bowl of eel?).

The thought of the eel being incorporated into a 'set' has left me speechless!

And hungry.

porkknuckle said...

He Dad, nice of you to drop by, thank you. Japanese fodder is way too expensive for most of the folks in South East Asia except the rich Singaporeans but it's still at least a third of what we might pay in London!

Mr Noodles said...

You are the James Brown of blogging - the hardest working man in the blogosphere ! I also dislike the term congee, it's simply 'juk' to me. Enjoy your trip !

porkknuckle said...

Mr Noodles- Erm, also an excuse to dump my photos somewhere. Juk is right on, in the case of the above; chee chup juk.