Friday, 11 September 2009


If my Mum can grow these grapes in her garden inspite of the heat and vicious humidity, then anything is possible.

My nephew Ethan.

Breakfast, starting with cold pulled-tea of Teh Peng.

Oh this is a perfect example of how the typical Malaysian geezer dresses up when they're not at work. Colour coordination is unheard of, indeterminate patterned shirts and ill fitting shorts that Bart Simpson would choke on if he ate his!

My Roti Canai
(Indian Malaysian flatbread accompanied by dhal, fish curry sauce and sambal- you can only find this dish in Malaysia and it rocks!)

Adrian's Roti Planta
(Same as above but made richer, scrummier and ultimately more unhealthy by adding the Malaysian staple of Planta margarine)
Breakfast for the two of us including the teas came to less than a quid!

Cousins Ryan and Gwen, and nephew Ethan.
We have English first names because we're Malaysians (most of us embrace them as Mandarin names can be difficult to pronounce) and the above are also Christians.

Adrian filling up the form for our lunch of Yong Tau Foo.

I don't care when I state that this dish is also unique to Malaysia.
Assorted veg and tofu stuffed with fish paste. There's currently only one restaurant in London that approximates the original and that's MKT in Chinatown.

Side order of fried stuffed beancurd and prawn dumplings.
Lunch for three came to six quid.

A minor gathering at my Grandmother's house. There were four generations in attendance this evening, it would be five had it not for the latest addition being a newborn baby and slumbering elsewhere.

Basic and ok-ish dinner of veg curry, Hokkien sesame chicken, roast duck, and fried fish.

11pm. Kids here go to bed when they feel like it and so long as they don't throw a tantrum when they have to get up in time to go to school. The idea is that we end up happier and more independent.


thora said...

If you'll keep posting beautiful photos like this then I will have something to look forward to every day. Makes me ache for my own holiday "at home" in October.

porkknuckle said...

Thora- Aww...thank you. I, too, am looking forward to your Czech homecoming :)

tehbus said...

Reminds me of good times. Never lived in KL but used to go back every other year. Haven't been back for about 6 years now, but hopefully heading that way in January!

porkknuckle said...

tehbus- Hi geez, 'tis a lovely place Malaysia is...genuine happiness, great food, etc. But at the end of the day the lack of total freedom of speech rules it out from being an ideal paradise.

tehbus said...

My dad thinks so too. So much so that he is even considering NOT moving back.