Thursday, 24 September 2009


***Due to a massive cock-up on my behalf the above isn't a Proton!***

Proton Cars

Malaysia wouldn't be one without them. 3.86 out of 5 cars here are Protons. A triad of government subsidies, high import duties on foreign cars and the token patriotism is accountable. If Jeremy Clarkson were to evaluate the car, the BBC would be banned in its entirety here.

Aunt 2
Mum and Grandmother of the folks below. She's also one of my favourites, a strong sense of validity to all the questions thrown at her is always guaranteed. She ought to have been an advocate.

Breakfast of Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) and...
There are some alarming rumours about vendors adding drinking straws to the cooking oil to prevent the batter from going soggy and thus maintaining a longer-life crunch. I shudder to think about the toxic consequences but rogue practices like this are rife in this part of the South East Asia!

...Fan She Tan (Sweet Potato Balls).

The bananas are so naturally sweet, toffee and syrup are unnecessary.

Lunch at The Royal Lake Club

A posh and private sports club for the well heeled needing more than a respite from the hoi polloi.

Hai Yen and Pei Yi
Mother and daughter making the art of photography lemon squeezy.

Coconut Drink.
The whole fruit was like a meal unto itself.

Mee Goreng, Rojak and Teh Tarik
All Mamak (Tamil Muslims) classics.

Pei Yi munching on her California Roll, amazingly she had three of them!

Ikan Bakar
Grilled Stingray, all spiced up no less. The fish compared to our skate from Grimsby is probably analogous to the comparison between the luxurious turbot and plain plaice.

Cousin En Loong and Missus.
Hai Yen is actually very tall (she's from Xi'an don't you know!) and EL is standing on a step above her. EL is public school educated but thankfully didn't turn out to be a clenched-arsed and toffee nosed git!

Their girls-

The eldest and the cheekiest.

Twin major.
Quiet, selective and straight hair.

Twin minor.
Assertive, sociable and wavy haired.

The Long House.
The house my Granfather built more than thirty years ago to house the entire clan, think of it as four detached houses conjoined into one. These days most of the young ones have all but moved out, I guess it's down to the Western necessity of privacy that has been embraced.

The photo gallery needs updating, the huge fourth generation is missing.

Mum's rather delicious fried rice dinner.
For those who suffer from chronic insomnia, a cure is at hand here.


henry said...

Bro, it's a honda city that you featured in the pix. NOT a proton - if they started makins cars as nice as this it might make a difference.. but alas...

porkknuckle said...

Henry- I've lost touch with these cars, they all look the same! Thanks.

peng said...

when can we try the "fly rise"? looks good! and where is my pics?

meemalee said...

The pink! The pink!

You couldn't resist, could you :)

I love the ancestral gallery!

porkknuckle said...

peng- your Schwarzenegger chest was in the way, I'll take better shots of you in China.

meemalee- s'pose to be mauve, pink it is then!

lady gray said...

all teh food looks amazing... surely must be the photographer :)
by the way
OMG their girls are lovely!

porkknuckle said...

Lady Gray- chuffed to hear from you. The camera is responsible for most of the tricks, I just release the shutter and I'm hardly modest. See ya soon.