Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Aunt Kay
She's the last surviving sibling of my late father. The snapshot was meant to be included in the Singapore post but it's here now. By default I'm closer to my Mum's family, it's a pity that I hardly know any of the cousins from my Dad's side- too terribly Western and totally against the Chinese ideology of the family (no matter how distant the relation) as preeminent.
Khoo Ma, it was a pleasure to see you again after nearly a decade and a half.

Breakfast with Mum, Adrian and sis-in-law Sook Yian.
Roast pork, char siu and roast chicken with rice.

My noodle soup of rice noodles (hor fun), sausage (tai cheong) and meat balls (yoke yin).

This caff is well known for its cold triple layered coffee drink.
It consists of coffee, condensed milk and gula melaka (sago and coconut palm sugar).

Sook Yian's claypot loh she fun (rat-shaped pasta).

Te Pan Pau
Filled buns griddled or cooked on an 'iron plate' (teppan- note the word is Chinese and it gave rise to the Japanese teppan-yaki).

This delicious bun is filled with sweet bean paste (tau sa).

Kacang Putih Man
The above in Malay means white peanut. Streetstalls selling nuts and crispy snacks are rife.

Filling the bag up with one of my favourite peanuts. Pan roasted with sugar, soy sauce and the omnipresent MSG.

Duku langsat
Another fruit that originated in Malaysia. Sweetish, texture similar to a more leathery longan and a signature tannic after taste.

Thai dinner with my immediate family.

Obviously all very authentic (Thailand borders to the north). The Tom Yum and Pad Thai are nothing like what's supposedly available in London.


abqt said...

hi there, i've enjoyed reading your blog posts whilst i was in london the past year (i've just returned to Singapore!). you've got great photos here, and i'm going to plot a trip up north when my flatmates return to KL for their yearly visits.

(on a slightly er, bizarre note, i realise i know your brother henry. and i used to stay near edgware road.)

Bronte said...

Take more pics of family?

porkknuckle said...

abqt- Hey thanks for stopping by. I told Hen about you and he couldn't put a name to it!

Bronte- You're camera shy and so are they! Next post fulfils I hope and of course the China trip...there will be 60+ of the Yap clan there!

abqt said...

haha. you can tell henry i'm on his FB list of friends and from BPMC! no wonder he was muttering about singapore the other day...

(really liking the photos - silly question i know, but what camera are you using?)

Bronte said...

Runs in the family I guess. Nic and Ethan are adorable. Do they still remember me? Will you be able to upload when in China? When are you going? Oh yeah, My test results so far:
Chemistry: 28/30
Biology: 93%
French: 100%
Getting a Physics test soon.

porkknuckle said...

abqt- Female, I know as much now! The camera is a Finepix S3 Pro/18-200mm Nikkor (like all the cameras I've used. they're purely on loan. If I bought my own I would loose interest altogether).

Bronte- How can anyone possibly forget you once they see me! Spooky resemblance and so on. Well done with the results, I'm ecstatic. Good luck with the potions test!