Saturday, 12 September 2009


View of the red palm trees from my Mum's bedroom. They're thirty years old and at least two stories tall.

Mum's House. Hers is one of four in a complex that also contains the homes of three of her brothers.

My Mum.
Best get this out of the way before she objects to the pic being posted on this blog.

Breakfast at Old Town White Coffee on Jalan Ipoh
This is a Malaysian chain of restaurants (133 of them in the country) offering local specialities and the famous White Coffee from the northern town of Ipoh.

The coffee is strong and sweetened with condensed milk.
Not as sophisticated as a cup of capps or flattie but still drinkable.

Nasi Lemak

Brown toasts and potato curry
In this part of the world we spice ourselves out for the first meal of the day!

A fair share of skyscrapers is duly noted in Kuala Lumpur.
These four look vaguely passable, but the majority of the designs are appalling and amateurish in excution. Plus they're mainly unoccupied as well.

South Indian lunch at the famous Sri Nirwana Maju restaurant.

You come here for the Banana Leaf Rice.
There's a poorly shot video here.

I need some new glasses.

Eye test gargoyle.
Believe me this posterized pic depicts me in a better light than normal.

A great Malaysian pastime is shopping.
Kuala Lumpur has an indecent amount of shopping malls that makes our Brent Cross positively titchy.

And they don't close till 10pm everyday of the week.

If any of you are afraid of monsters, seek my nephew Ethan out. He'll sort them out, he is after all Ultra Man Boy.

Siew Yeh (midnight snack)
The Chinese in Malaysia eat as much as the Italians do with pasta, if not more.

My Char Kway Teow with added 'mee' noodles and by now, the taboo cockles.
Local cockles are linked with shellfish-acquired hepatitis A


Su-Lin said...

Aw man, first roti canai and now banana leaf rice! Very jealous of your good eating right now!

thora said...

This blog is so personal and I think it shows how good it is for you to spend time with your family. Thank you for that!

porkknuckle said...

Su-Lin- Pity I can't make it to Penang this time around, now that would be my idea of food heaven!

thora- It is personal but felicity is best shared with others, especially good ones like yourself.

meemalee said...

I had nasi lemak for the first time the other day - it was sooo good. I went to Malaysia Kopi Tiam on your recommendation :)

ps your Word Verification Bot really, really hates me. It gave me the word "vagful"

porkknuckle said...

meemalee- it would be interesting to see how you find the curry laksa
compares to your ohn-no khao swe.