Thursday, 10 September 2009


Every country in the world has its fishmongers. The ones in Malaysia do not need the aid of electricals to keep the fish cool, just ice and the ambient temperature is always hovering around 30C.

Food hawker preparing my breakfast of...

...stirred wonton and char shiu noodles with curry sauce.

A cup of tar pit coffee that's Malaysian Kopi O

The non-identical twin girls
Qinyi and Jinyi

My extended family is diverse as it's huge. Some are fabulously wealthy and some are needy.
My aunt shown above is of the latter; she's a street food seller.

Habitual rinsing of teacups, chopsticks and plates using hot tea in a restaurant before a meal. This is purely optional and most definitely DIY.

Large Prawn Noodles.
Lunch with a variety of uncles and aunties.

In Malaysia, prawns are considered more discerning than lobsters. The latter are purely a status thing and ultimately less tasty.

Streetfood stall. A common sight in Malaysia.

Dinner with my brothers Henry and Adrian. If I maintain an ounce of their integrity and intelligence then it would make me a better man. They're dudes and I love them to bits.

Dessert of shaved ice with fruits and coconut milk.


thora said...

This blog is such a good idea, B.! Enjoy every single second with your family and have a great holiday.

Bronte said...

I miss these people.... =(

porkknuckle said...

Thora- Thank you and I shall relish every minute of it.

Bronte- You'll get to see them sooner than you think. x.

meemalee said...

Les, for services to blogging I award you a virtual knighthood - this is such a lovely idea :)

Although the blog's name makes it's NSFW you know ....

porkknuckle said...

Your Highness, you're too sweet and also the only person to honour me with two accolades...I'm indebted. Burma is the only ASEAN country I haven't been to so I'm looking forward to something similar from you.

As for the NSFW, mantis shrimp sounds so sluggish.