Saturday, 10 October 2009

China- Day 2 (27/09/09) Part One

Or Amoy to those who are still stuck in the Victorian times. We never had the chance to see the city proper as it was purely included as a base for our flighst to and from Kuala Lumpur.

Our hotel the night before.
5* wont.

Cousin Corina.
Our lass from Singapore. She still looks the same after 40 years!

Breakfast of porridge (rice gruel), mantou (plain steamed buns) and sorrowful coffee.

Cousin Édouard Edward
Boy 'bout town who knows where all the good massage parlours are in the Far East and only the non-seedy ones I was reminded.

Cousin Donny
Repo Man in the banking world of corporate loans.

Our form of transport for the next ten days.

I don't think drought is an issue in Fujian province.

Leaving Xiamen

The speedo on our coach was well kaputt!

Our destination.

A bit of camera tossing during a loo break.

Fujian Province is hilly and mountainous.

It's like a massive version of the Lake and Peak Districts combined together.

Approaching the territories of the Hakka people.

This huge stag beetle must have been at least 4" long.

Lunch of pork with everything. The simple peasants' dish of steamed taro (yam) on the foreground was outstanding.


Chin Lang Chek
Tranlates literally as Dear friend of the family (ours that is) Sir.
He's the keeper, shaman and priest of the family's clan temple back in Klang near Kuala Lumpur.

Uncles 9 and 4.
China is a haven for smokers, my kinda place.

Cousins Cindy and Rose.

Aunt 4

Chin Lang Chim
''Dear friend of the family Lady''. Wife of the above. The sullen looks belies an otherwise high five personality...she's a right cheery old bird.

Cousin Junebug.
She makes me laugh. Excellent company.

Wondered how he felt about a bunch of overseas Hokkiens intruding on his patch?

The incredibly beautiful Tianluokeng Tulou (Snail Pit Village) cluster.

Cousin Felix wife wife Connie and son Andre.
Imagine them in Mao suits and gear; perfect Communist propaganda.

Nadine and Gwen

Swine Flu masks are not needed this time, the air at 570m above sea level is apparently safer.

Cousin Terence
He's next in line with the unenviable task of managing the family's trust. His job is vaguely, the family's version of the Prince of Wales.

Ground level of the Snail Pit Village.

The Family.
This only constitutes about a quarter of the entire family, the rest are in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Tajikistan(?), etc.
Don't bother looking too hard for me, I'm not on the receiving end. This was also my last shot using the tripod which I carelessy left on the hill coach (apologies to Adrian and thanks for the brief loan).

Part Two


thora said...

Good to see you again! Nice photos.

porkknuckle said...

Hey T, thanks! Still barely awake and frantically uploading.